‘I feel bad for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.’ – Frank Sinatra


Its nice to know that a good portion of the population has Frank’s sympathy, but sometimes non-alcoholic drinks are a necessary evil. Or, a necessary virtue depending on who you talk to.

Fortunately, I’ve taken the pain out of the mojito by giving you something easy, that won’t bore your taste buds, and your guests will be happy you took the time and effort to be considerate of their needs.

I like my mojitos EXTRA minty, so I went to my overrun garden and let loose.

In a normal mojito, you’ll crush or muddle your mint, but in this version, simply tearing it and adding to the bottom of the glass is perfectly fine, and can be exceedingly pretty.

Also, when (if) you’re thinking of garnishes, keep in mind that lime is an essential part of this classic cocktail, and it plays well with the green tea.  This is true for any other citrus you can think of.  But peaches also work well in addition to dark berries.

Happy sipping !!



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Green Tea Mojitos
Light and satisfying with green tea, lime, mint, and a hint of sweetness. Looks and tastes like more work than it actually is.
Prep Time 5 min. maybe less
Prep Time 5 min. maybe less
  1. Add a cup of green tea to each glass.
  2. Squeeze 1/2 lime (or 1 Tbs lime juice) into each glass. Stir to combine.
  3. Add crushed mint and/or mint with stems
  4. Top off with soda water, and you're good to go!
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  1. For the health savvy person, these party drinks are socially accepted, easy to make, AND make you look like you are ready for a good time… without the hangover!

    Job well done Angela!!

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