In Defense of Popcorn and Wine

“Love is sharing your popcorn.” – Charles Schulz

(Show some love to wine, and share your popcorn with it!)

When you are on the road to the gentle life, the deep cleansing breath, the essential disconnect that precedes a recharge, the turn away from the nagging cries of fools (and possibly the screams of children); and you want something comforting, light, familiar, textured, salty (or sweet), satisfying, and unburdensome—you want popcorn. But you need wine.

There is no point in denying it: In good times and bad, popcorn and wine is a functional pairing that doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

Recent conversations have exposed to me the depth of closet wine-and-popcorn pairers, and I ask, Why?

If it was good enough for Olivia Pope, why would anyone need to feel like they’re unable to come into the open about this fun and necessary life choice?

Popcorn is a vegetable. It is a perfectly viable candidate for a low-calorie dinner, or even a snack before or after dinner. Made sweet, salty, savory, or acidic according to your whims, it is a vegetable that gives comfort and succor in a way no other vegetable can, and it’s fresh and ready to eat in 1.5-5 minutes depending on your method of preparation.

Can potatoes make such a promise? Or carrots? Or salad? I think not. Not even close. And when your frayed nerves, begging for relief and satisfaction, cry out for comfort food ASAP, you would be wise to have popcorn in the pantry.

As for the wine: if you have any at all in the house, you’re a lucky person. Reds and whites of almost all varieties yield to the influence of popcorn on a scale encompassing “Willing” to “Eager.”

Really, try it. So long as you have a wine you enjoy, it is nearly impossible to mess this up. A worst case scenario means you might perhaps not love the pairing, or won’t get buzzed enough; but these outcomes are highly unlikely.  Wine loves popcorn, and the popcorn is crazy about wine.  They write love notes to each other, finish each other’s sentences, and do naughty things in your mouth that would make you blush if you only knew…

My personal favorite way to enjoy this pairing is with buttered and salted popcorn with a crisp, citrus-y dry Riesling, or syrah. But anything in the house will do, and it will do well.

Test out your favorites for yourself, and share your thoughts. I want to hear about it, as do your friends; and if you bring out a few bottles with popcorn to bingewatch The Bachelorette with your girlfriends, everyone will be more than happy to see their favorite comfort snack-guilty pleasure on the table for all to share.

I’ve got to run now—writing this has made me hungry and thirsty, and you know what I’m about to eat and drink. And I’m going to find something to bingewatch so I have a reason to continue eating and drinking, because it’s so dang good!




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