California Cab Worth Drinking!

“I am not sure I trust you.”

“You can trust me with your life, My King.”

“But not with my wine, obviously. Give it back.”

~ Megan Whalen Turner, The Kink of Attolia


Friends, Romans, Utahns (and beyond!), lend me your ears! Or rather, your mouths. I have finally (FINALLY) found a California cabernet that I like! And can I tell you, I am so relieved. I wondered, with sincere confusion and pity, what it was that people were complimenting about California cabs—nay, ANY California red.

What could they possibly be tasting that made them sip, savor, smile, and want to repeat the process? I’ve had a few California reds that didn’t horrify me, but mostly they’ve managed to shock my tastebuds and my offend my senses with vanilla, oak, and ‘Super Purple’.

To be sure: I’m not saying this one doesn’t have a dose of Super Purple; and the label lists vanilla as a featured taste—but it’s actually well done—a first in my forays with California reds.

Woodwork California cabernet sauvignon

This Woodwork Cabernet Sauvignon is a revelation, and proof that someone in California finally learned the definition of ‘subtle’.

Whereas most weeknight-budget California cabs taste like a raisin-fruit-punch that was filtered through a sugar cone sieve, this one tastes like earth… and plums.. and overripe cherries, and a gentle touch of acid to hide the alcohol. It’s very well done, and a pleasant surprise for this California wine synic.

I enjoyed this as a standalone (unpaired) while I cooked dinner, and even more the next night with the steaks, potatoes, and salad.

The taste is not too bold, and very flexible; I would try it with the usual suspects, and trust that it will go well with them all.

Happy sipping!



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